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Bug Responces and Compensation / Apology for Recent Issues
« Last post by CoS_Ethan on Today at 04:08:18 »
Hi there,

First off, we are sorry for the recent DNS and server issues, to express our sincere apology, we prepared and delivered all players some appropriate compensation.

In addition, to make up for time players lost due to the login issue, I've doubled EXP on all servers to enable the players to gain more EXP by killing mobs. This bonus will be live for a day.

As for the easy-to-broken EU2 server, we will switch to more reliable server at 3AM (CEST), September 3rd, to complete the data transfer, EU servers need to be closed for around 5 hours.

Sorry again for any caused inconvenience and confusion.

City of Steam: Arkadia Dev Team
Game Discussion / Re: Cosmetic chest bug-No pioneer set
« Last post by CoS_Ethan on Today at 04:03:28 »
Hey guys, will check with the devs, thanks.
Game Discussion / Re: Mercenary Time - Anomaly the Mystery
« Last post by CoS_Ethan on Today at 04:00:36 »
Just extended the event for one more day, we'd love to see more great stories up. :)
Help and Questions / Re: Myth Tablet for Silver Subs
« Last post by CoS_Ethan on Today at 03:45:06 »
Hi there, we did some fix for EU2 earlier this week, is everything back to normal for you?
So u think this is the biggest problem in game English chat? or ur messing whit me only? Cuz 4 me its no problem if others use they own lang in chat.
"are u racist? accespt that on planet are 6 billl other ppl who not speak english"

And you should accept the fact that english is currently the most respected international language, and every time you use other language in world chat you are confusing 95% of other players and disrespecting them.

I remember my grandma telling me i gotta learn english because it's the international language, so i can talk to any civilized person in the world.

Also there are chinese, polish, arbabic and russian servers from other publishers, mechanist said they are making international servers.

Well u dont realy play cos to long i asume, u did not think about what u wrote i think.

- Make an account shared storage for VIP people so that if we find drops not of our main classes so that we can give it to our alts if we want to ^^ Sample: Bronze VIP 5 slots , Silver 10 slots , etc.

-simply not needed-

- Upgrade market (make the option to buy @ market with real Electrum and with Bound) that way the economics will boost in game.   
-makes game imbalance and u can abuse it already got fixed thx good just htink a bit u can buy ur own items whit alts bound ele what u get 4 free? u got it what i mean

- Give a notification in the server when Skeleton King and Meastro/other bosses are being spawned so that everyone have a chance of gaining its drops.   
Every player knows the spawn time   every 4 hour rom 0.0 prince  maestro every  0.30...1.30 ...

- At myth tablet give the combo's (5x,10,etc of the same colour) to everyone without bound spend (bound is more important for Alchemy then to waste it on myth tabs for a 1 tab combo).
-5x 20x u can get whit shilling to-

 - Make guild slots unlimited so that Every guild can accept everyone but in company war give a limit to the amount of players to join depending on guild level. Having a low level guild will not give you victory anyways against a higher level guild unless you have more active members then them. or just max it out for all guilds the same (sample 30 members maxed) so that the guild can pick their top players to join.

OMG ur kidding right? what about cw? so u say limited ppl in cw so u mean not everyone got right to get rewards in company?

- Make world chat in different languages because if people are talking their own languages (which happen alot) not everyone can understand what's being said and people can be easily attacked that way even when they didn't notice that they were. (World chat is global chat so in my opinion everyone should talk in English).

are u racist? accespt that on planet are 6 billl other ppl who not speak english

- Make promo code's bound to characters (so if i get a friend to play this game and i give him my code (sample) then me and he/she gain extra bonuses the more friends you invite with your code the better the rewards.

More way to abuse game whit alts?

and ur other suggestions are crap aswell
PLZ dont talk in all  Eu players name

Help and Questions / Solution with the Micro-Client
« Last post by xAgustinita on September 01, 2014, 21:28:26 »
Hola comunidad de COS, he visto que tienen muchos problemas con el Micro-Client, aqui tengo la solucion, solo deven descargar este archivo que se lo dejare al final, lo descomprimen y copian los archivos de dicha carpeta dentro de la carpeta del Micro-Client, ya que por defecto es "C:/Archivos de Programa/COS Arkadia Micro-Client" y lo pegan, una vez echo esto ejecutan el "Launcher.exe" y deveria de andar al 100%
Espero que les halla ayudado y cualquier cosita solo avisenme que se las respondere lo mas rapido posible...

Download Link:
Companies / Re: Players Codex (Retired)
« Last post by daytorax on September 01, 2014, 19:43:53 »
neverwinter is more a parttime game for some, most will be doing archeage as the main PC game when it is launched.
Companies / Re: Players Codex (Retired)
« Last post by GGitsUncaged on September 01, 2014, 19:23:42 »
I would avoid neverwinter I was number #1 GF world/#1 guild Lemonade Stand, for that game and to be completely honest to start fresh is like starting fresh on s1. Just go to google an type in Neverwinter FearITSself or lemonade stand we got videos an stuff if you would like to watch end game pvp an stuff.  :kiss
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