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Game Discussion / Re: Mercenary Time - Skeleton King the Undead
« Last post by rapsarap on Today at 16:34:58 »
The empire requires more bones. My neighbors have surrendered all of theirs. Who's next? Who's next?  :fury:
Help and Questions / Re: Steam Account
« Last post by Torvaldr on Today at 16:32:46 »

My old character in the CoS account is US1_Arkady on US-Server3, US East Coast

My new character in the Steam account is US2_Arkady·Random on US-Server1, West Coast.

Thanks again for checking.
Help and Questions / Re: Steam Account
« Last post by Torvaldr on Today at 15:13:15 »
Thanks for the quick reply. I will go create a character through my Steam account and post back. I understand there are limitations and appreciate anything that can be done.
I was hoping for intelligent replies.  It seems some of you feel that + and - , trolling and insulting me is meaningful.  I am glad you are having fun!

If anyone has anything intelligent to post here to defend their opposition to my post, I welcome it.
If you have other fish to fry, by all means, fry them.  But you'll fry them much faster in your own pan.  If you have a cough, see the Dr. 

So far, I see one meaningful post in support of my request and one that after the poster finished a general rant, actually had something meaningful to say against it.

Please, give the GMs some real posts to take into consideration.
Help and Questions / Re: Steam Account
« Last post by Levest28 on Today at 14:14:38 »
Hey Torv,

There is no way to link the account to Steam (it is just not possible at this time, and not likely to happen due to the complexity).

I will inquire with Ethan about transferring the electrum. As a general rule for electrum transfers, we can only transfer unspent electrum; just a heads up.

To speed up the process should it be possible, it would be best if you could provide a character name and server where the electrum currently is, and a character name and server where the electrum should be moved to. (The destination character does not mean electrum is locked to that character, but used as a way to easily reference the account and server)
Score +10 for iacon
Help and Questions / Steam Account
« Last post by Torvaldr on Today at 13:00:55 »

Is there any way to link my early CoS account here with Steam? I don't care if I keep the characters, but I have some electrum and perks I would like to have in Steam.

I did login once through Steam thinking I would have the opportunity to link accounts. I created a character and then deleted it when I realized there was no way to link accounts through the game interface.

If nothing else, is there a way to transfer my electrum and support perks to the Steam account? I don't care about starting over with new characters.

this mercenary is really cool giving a dodge in mercenary formation and dodge is very important..! also skeleton king has knockback that can help u run from enemies !

US EAST Server3 Arcangela
Events / Re: Snatch a Veteran Mercenary
« Last post by Jose A. Dominguez on Today at 12:40:40 »

When we recieve the merc?. Tks
ING : darkvenue
server : EU3
Skeleton King coming from the hell
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