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Game Discussion / Re: I miss Daytorax
« Last post by WarriorChanneler on March 31, 2015, 13:45:55 »
I miss all of ya :) and day :)
Companies / Re: Army of Darkness!
« Last post by Nicoven on March 30, 2015, 21:39:30 »
Hmm. Where is the Army these days?
Game Discussion / Re: I guess we can say 4 sure GAME IS DEAD!!
« Last post by Herminio Manuel on March 30, 2015, 14:12:54 »
Hi  Yeah  its true .

that guys dont have any respect for us.

they have sucked our money during a long time, and now they dont do anything in game.

ive no spend anymore money since long time.

they dont answer us.  they dont have respect for who pay.

they are only money suckers

Game Discussion / I guess we can say 4 sure GAME IS DEAD!!
« Last post by FregatKong on March 30, 2015, 04:36:42 »
Server started to be very bad at least on Eu side login problems/loading problems, lag, full screen freeze.

Another big problem it started not long ago, BE and Electrum loss by any button and u get nothing ur u pay10x times and u get 1 item or nothing. U pay 10 cosmetic and u get nothing its a huge problem. Myself lost alot like myth refresh i did 1 free refresh nothing happened , ofc i know i have to w8 so i did nothing 10 min then reloged still no reset i clicked 2 times more and then it took all Be away. It happened on boss gauntlet to.

No answers from any support or forum.
Bug Reports / Re: Feature/Functionality Issues
« Last post by Xaviien on March 29, 2015, 10:21:44 »
I don't think I actually have a character on a server, just came back for a looksee after being away since just after Arkadia launched.

When logging in to the forums, I'm getting the same errors I got back in Alpha.

The first field asks for an email, but when I put in my email I get the error "Username does not exist."
When I enter my username I get "Must be a valid email." But when I click ok/continue/login I get "Operation successful."

Not a major issue, but I figured I'd report it again anyway, since it's what I do.
Sorry if it's in the wrong thread, I couldn't find one for forum bugs.

Also this thread is locked, but says post suggestions below.

Anyway, hi to Dave, Lev, Ethan and whoever else is still around. Hope you're all well.
See you in another year or 2 haha
Game Discussion / Re: I miss Daytorax
« Last post by Herminio Manuel on March 29, 2015, 10:06:47 »
i know what you miss.........   a punch in that face
Game Discussion / Re: s4_Balofa, say what you mean
« Last post by LookaL2K on March 29, 2015, 08:05:30 »
Balofa doesn't seem to be older than 12.
Game Discussion / Re: I miss Daytorax
« Last post by LookaL2K on March 29, 2015, 07:55:26 »
Bug Reports / Re: Feature/Functionality Issues
« Last post by @steam@76561198086460127 on March 29, 2015, 07:46:54 »
Character username:FearITsSelf

Which platform are you playing on?: steam
(browser (CoS Site), browser (Facebook), browser (Kongregate), Client (CoS), Client (Steam)

If using browser, have you cleared your browser cache and Unity cache?y
If using client, have you pressed clear cache and reset default buttons on launcher?y

If the answer to the above 2 questions is "no", please do this and see whether the issue is resolved.
Link to clear your Unity cache here:

Were you able to consistently reproduce the bug after you had done this?:y
Have you experienced the bug more than once?:y

Bug Info:
When you click a button that consumes electrum it will consume your electrum an give you nothing, or it will look like nothing happend so you click again an etc an you spend 500e on the 1st boss gauntlet refreash.
Bug Location: ALL COS Functions boss gauntlet, an privilege the most common areas. gil an facecake have got it on the 10k claim so they didn't get it for a month.

Before Bug Occured:nothing crystal clear
During Bug:appears that you have not click it
After Bug:instantly takes all e sometimes gives you the claim most of the time you have to click it again to get it spending 95-195e for bg, privilege will take your money an you gotta wait till next month.

Additional Information/Notes:

Screenshot link (always provide when possible): n/a
Help and Questions / We need bugspray!!
« Last post by TheArcanum on March 28, 2015, 07:35:54 »
2 of my clanmembers did a recharge but never got ther electrum:(
s6_Athena·Aphrodite Recharged for 20 dollars 3 days ago and s6_Palesoul01 did a recharge for 40 dollars this morning...

s6_Nobunariel has some problems with his account via Kongreate, it appears he cannot logg in and has created a new character via steam but still his lvl 55 character with sub is gone.

Next to that I am still missing 67 lvl1 diamond mods( i tried to merge them at last modmerge event exactly at reset and they just vanished)

Oh...and let us not forget the ladder and 1v1issues...people cant enter it._.

Greetings, s6_Astaroth
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