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Off-topic Discussion / New web design trends
« Last post by lionell12 on October 12, 2015, 23:59:45 »
Web design has changed in recent time and the kind of websites created these days is way different from what were created a couple of years ago. Some of the trends followed by website design in recent times include:
Responsive Design: However fast the website design trends might be changing, some trends are here to stay. Responsive design is one such trend. In fact, it has ceased to be a trend but has become the new norm. More and more sites are going in this direction and this will be there in the coming years.
Beautiful Typefaces: The trend is shifting towards beautiful fonts and typefaces. Earlier it was costlier to develop such sites but over the years it has become much more affordable, even for word press theme websites. Thanks to Google Fonts, this trend will be here for some more time.
Large Background: Now is the trend for large, wide background images and videos. Great content that stands prominently is a simple way of making your site stand out.
Scroll Bar: The upcoming designs also have the feature of scrolling instead of clicking. This is so because scrolling is easy to do, intuitive and allows more interaction between the design and the user.
Flat Design and Material Design: Flat design is the new trend in design that has achieved a lot of momentum in recent years and is slowly evolving into material design. What is a material design? A material design uses a flat design along with subtle animation and effects to retain a tangible feel.
These are the trends one can expect to see in this year and upcoming years. Professional Web Design is something very rare to find. There are companies offering web design services but how effective that web dsign is for the user depends on experience and expertise of the people behind the design.
Help and Questions / Re: Error 202 access denied??
« Last post by Hammerhead96 on October 12, 2015, 20:12:55 »
My Cos is back up and working again.
Help and Questions / A Newb has a couple of questions about the game
« Last post by AssassinOfSteam on October 12, 2015, 20:06:49 »
Hello guys. I play City of Steam Arkadia  through the browser.  I am a human whose race starts with an O. I am a gunner. The story starts with chaos in Delton and I'm escorting someone and finding her brother.

After they get on a train some random elf called a Sniper rookie starts following me. Do you know who is she and what she does and why she wants to help me?

Also, why did the tutorial make me buy a Weak Health Staff or whatever the red potion  is called from the alchemist at the train station when I already have 35? What do those do?

Why did I get so many items? Did I buy them?

Will I know if I accidently spent real life money?

What am I even doing when I'm on that train to Nexon?  What is that device in the chest at the end?

What are subscriptions and recharging?

Does the responses I use affect the story?

How often does this game update?

Sorry for the long list of question, but I'm a newbie and it's hard to find any info on the Internet about City of Steam. Thank you for a sering all of them.
Help and Questions / Game won't load!
« Last post by AssassinOfSteam on October 12, 2015, 14:29:13 »
Hello guys. I am a new user. I have just registered a few minutes ago and tried to play this game. I am using Firefox and I checked that I have the latest Unity Web Player. Unfortunately, it keeps on saying "Failed to update Unity Web Player on the loading screen." I have tried clearing my browser cache, but to no avail. What do I need to do? By the way, does this game update often? If so, when was the time the last update occurred? Is this game good? I'm just new. Thank you!
Bug Reports / Re: Logging/Loading Issues
« Last post by LexMookhoek on October 12, 2015, 12:44:10 »
Eu3 browser (kongregate )
loading to 86% and not further

Same for S6_Green.Goblin
Eu3 browser(Facebook)
Help and Questions / Re: Error 202 access denied??
« Last post by Hammerhead96 on October 12, 2015, 11:04:16 »
CoS still down for me :(
Bug Reports / Re: Feature/Functionality Issues
« Last post by Steven Harris on October 12, 2015, 10:17:24 »
Character username: TheNazarene
Server: Server3EU Amsterdam

Which platform are you playing on?: Windows PC Client (CoS)

If using client, have you pressed clear cache and reset default buttons on launcher? yes

Were you able to consistently reproduce the bug after you had done this?: Yes
Have you experienced the bug more than once?: Yes

Bug Info:Screen runs off the page and cannot click recruit.
Bug Location: During Mercenary hiring Tutorial Therefor always prompted to proceed with tutorial spending Zenni each time.

During Bug:Stuck in position with all actions except tutorial disabled.
After Bug:

Additional Information/Notes: Ive tried all possible resolutions. The Mercenary Tutorial and Character creation seem to be the only noticeable times of window over hang.

Screenshot link (always provide when possible): Its the recruit button off the screen to the left. Ive baught 3 mercenaries already but the tutorial insists on the left most recruit button and buying another merceary.
Help and Questions / Re: Error 202 access denied??
« Last post by PenguinASM1 on October 12, 2015, 06:58:08 »
THREE times in SIX days, this has happened.  Maybe the devs should figure out WHY and FIX THE PROBLEM!
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Help and Questions / Re: Error 202 access denied??
« Last post by Hammerhead96 on October 11, 2015, 21:57:30 »
I cannot access again :(
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