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Game Discussion / Re: GM Alston Gibson
« Last post by yeedeed on Today at 20:54:11 »
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS. We have had our sanity restored.
Game Discussion / Re: GM Alston Gibson
« Last post by Vendetta1 on Today at 20:51:50 »
If he isn't a GM anymore can you remove people's bans that he gave out? Such as Eillness's 28 day ban that was put on him? 
Game Discussion / Re: GM Alston Gibson
« Last post by Levest28 on Today at 20:23:00 »
Alston Gibson is no longer a GM.
Bug Reports / Re: Feature/Functionality Issues
« Last post by HellfireLegion on Today at 15:23:53 »
server 4. hellfirlegion 

I collected my rewards from the event my lucky stars. I opend the random chance chests for orange mercs and got 1x skeleton king, 1x aetherlord, 1x lightbringer, 1x frostgore and 1x anomly right clicked on them to collect them it said on screen synergy add when I went to merc screen to look at them none of them have gained the +5 they should of frostgore is still at 0/15 and as with the others none gained from what they already had
Game Discussion / Re: GM Alston Gibson
« Last post by Bludwyng on Today at 15:23:37 »
Why is this person still a GM???
Game Discussion / Re: of fate-hidden changes with patch?
« Last post by robertx555 on Today at 12:07:36 »
Yea, having 30% more damage but doing 20% less damage than other class is really bad...
Game Discussion / Re: of fate-hidden changes with patch?
« Last post by Jokin on Today at 10:53:28 »
Then i would like to get a buff in RW and DM so i am also equal in this events as in tourney.
Game Guides / Re: How best to invest your Merc XP
« Last post by robertx555 on Today at 04:46:44 »
Oh wow i didn't realize dismissing merc doesn't have any exp penalties o_o

Guess i was lucky, i rushed a bunch of orange merc, got most of them to 2 stars and filled them all to at least lvl 35 for formation bonuses, keeping my main merc bloodhorn as high lvl as possible.

I went with the 'can't go wrong' way because i knew orange merc are what i'll need at the end, and only 2 purple ones (or more if you want to swap stats).

That's why i didn't bother seeing if it's better to level lower star merc because it's too much of a hassle xD
That and now with the new orange merc bonuses, it's pretty damn good.

Oh, but i guess it's mostly due to me being a clean freak and not wanting to have blue or green ones in the army :D

Help and Questions / Re: no electrum after recharge
« Last post by CoS_Ethan on Today at 04:01:55 »
Hi there, sorry for my delayed response, just restored your Electrum.
Bug Reports / Re: Bug Reports Overhaul
« Last post by reaper04 on Today at 03:42:28 »
hi not quite shore where to put this but things keep bugging out im doing quests or in a dungeon and it keeps coming up as if i had died with the go to city or spend electrum to revive but i still have full health and when it does it i cant click o anything and have to exit the game compleatly please help.. im on server 2 amsterdam.
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